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Telling Our Kids We are Pregnant {video}

Telling The Kids We Are Pregnant

I am 30 weeks pregnant with baby Hoffer #3. By this time, it feels like it was almost years ago when Nate and I told our kids that we are having another baby. Yet, I wanted to share this precious moment with you. (I am 24 weeks along in the photo above.)

It was important to me that we told Grace (6) and Noah (4) that I was pregnant in a very simple and straightforward way. I didn’t want to do anything cutesy that could confuse their little heads about what I was really trying to tell them.

Click below to watch the video, and then keep reading for more pregnancy highlights.

Telling The Kids We Are Pregnant

Did you notice when Noah looked at my stomach right after we told them? I love that! He was checking for a baby bump. So cute!

Pregnancy Highlights

  • The second trimester was wonderful. I had a lot more energy than during the first trimester and no nausea.
  • Our 20 week ultrasound went well. The health and progress of the baby looked great.
  • Once again, we decided not to find out the gender.
  • I created a huge list of pre-baby goals to help me stay focused. I had a ton of stuff swimming around in my head about the holidays, baby prep, and moving bedrooms around. It feels great to have all of these goals listed in one place.
  • We don’t have names picked out.
  • The baby is moving a lot! Grace was the very first person to feel the baby move from the outside. It was such a sweet moment. She was reading books to the baby when it happened. Her face completely lit up.Then a little later she stopped reading in the middle of her book because she wanted to talk to the baby. “Baby, you are going to *love* your mommy. I can’t wait for you to come out.”

Thank you for enjoying this pregnancy journey with us!

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