Thankful for YOU!

This year my Thanksgiving plans are quite non traditional.  I will be celebrating with my husband’s family in a hospital cafeteria.  My father-in-law had back surgery yesterday, so we will be coming together in the hospital.  It is amazing how something like this helps you refocus on what is truly important.  What makes Thanksgiving?  A home cooked meal or simply being with family?  Praise God we can be with family today.

There are so many things that I am thankful for today:

  • I have the love of a good man.
  • I am able to stay at home with Grace while my husband provides with a job he loves.
  • We have a new home that surpassed all our expectations.
  • Grace is growing in so many ways & it is a joy to watch it all happen before my eyes.

And…  I’m thankful for YOU! I truly am thankful for each of my readers.  When I started this blog almost one year ago, I had no idea what it would turn into.  This blog has become bigger than me! I’m so thankful I had my blog to use as an outlet when I discovered that I have excess lipase in my breast milk.  The posts that I’ve written about my experience with excess lipase are my most popular posts.

I have received numerous comments from women struggling with the same breastfeeding issues.  Many of the comments have brought me to tears.  This comment from Rachel was especially touching:

I can’t tell you how thankful I am for you and this post. I have 1600 ounces of milk in my deep freeze and just found out I have the same problem.

I understand the anger, the hurt, the pain. I can’t describe it to anyone, you just have to experience it. I wanted my little boy to receive the benefits of my hard work, for him to have nutrition because of mommy’s love for him, for him to be connected to me in a way only a breastfeeding mother could understand. I held myself together really well today until I read your blog. I cried my eyes out. Finally! Someone really understands. I’m calling the North Carolina [Milk]  bank tomorrow to see about donating. I can’t stomach the thought of throwing this milk away.

Thank you. Thank you for sharing your story, for letting me know I’m not alone, for giving me hope, and for encouraging me that I’m not a failure. I don’t know you, but I’m so thankful for you. God bless.

In honor of all the mothers who are searching for answers, I have created a page dedicated to excess lipase.  I hope that this new addition to Simply Rebekah can be an inspiration, a helpful resource and a place for mamas to realize that they are not alone.

Thank you!  Thank you! THANK YOU! It is a JOY to write Simply Rebekah for each of YOU!

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