The Awesome of My Life {sorta awesome podcast 09}

Sorta Awesome Podcast - a fun celebration of all things in life that are sorta, amazingly awesome!

My third episode (#09) of the Sorta Awesome podcast was released today. As always, Megan and I shared our “awesome of the week” and answered listener questions. You can click here to listen in your web browser or you can search for Sorta Awesome in your podcast app to listen on your smartphone or tablet.

Before you listen, I have 2 podcasting announcements.

1) There is now a Facebook group dedicated to Sorta Awesome. Megan and all of her regular co-hosts are in the group and we are enjoying the discussions happening there. Join us!

2) Reviews and rating are a huge help. Would you be willing to leave a review for the Sorta Awesome podcast?

To leave a review in iTunes:
Use the search bar to find Sorta Awesome.
Click on the show’s album art under the Podcast results.
Find the Ratings and Reviews tab.
Click the stars to leave a rating.
Under Customer Reviews, click Write a Review.

To leave a review in the Apple podcasts app:
Open Apple’s Podcast app.
Tap the Search tab.
Enter Sorta Awesome.
Tap the blue Search key at the bottom right.
Tap the album art for the Sorta Awesome.
Tap the Reviews tab.
Tap Write a Review at the bottom.
Enter your iTunes password to login.
Tap the Stars to leave a rating.
Enter title text and content to leave a review.
Tap Send.

And now for a sneak peak into today’s episode…

Sorta Awesome Podcast

Here’s what we talked about and when:

01:41 – My awesome of the week
07:13 – Megan’s pregnancy announcement stories
09:39 – How Megan found out she was having twins
15:40 – My pregnancy announcement stories
19:22 – My “control freak” method of waiting to find out the gender of my babies
21:00 – Megan’s awesome of the week, which is also the awesome of my life!
34:15 – Listener Question: oil pulling
40:12 – Listener question: no-poo hair care
46:25 – Listener question: moral decisions about the shows you watch

It would be fantastic to answer your questions during our next podcast! If you think of a question you would like us to consider for the show, click on the Ask Us! link on the Tumblr.

How exactly do you listen to podcasts? So you’ve never actually done this before and you want some help. No problem! Laura from The Hollywood Housewife wrote an excellent tutorial to guide you through the process of searching for a podcast and subscribing.

What is your “Awesome of the Week?”


  1. great podcast first one ever I ever heard… I was upset at first without I phone but found it on computer 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for listening, Nena. It can be a bit harder to find the time to listen when you have to stay close to your computer, so I really appreciate it! The next time you do a marathon laundry folding session, you’ll have to check out the other episodes.

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