The Just Clean Something Challenge: Spring Cleaning Edition {half way done!}

The Just Clean SOMETHING Challenge: Spring Cleaning Edition - Motivation & accountability for those who hate to clean!

I hate cleaning, but I’m forcing myself to clean something everyday this month.  We are halfway through the month, so let’s touch base and see how everyone is doing.

Honestly, this month is going much better than it did the first time I tried this challenge. First of all, I think the weather really does help.  There is just something about the Spring air that inspires cleaning.  I’ve never done a full spring cleaning before.  It has always been too intimidating, but knowing that I’m doing at least one task a day has really helped me stay motivated.

Secondly, I’ve been doing a much better job of cleaning earlier in the day instead of waiting until after supper.  My first time through this challenge, I often waited until the last minute to clean something before I posted my nightly update on Facebook.  This time around I’ve been planning out my cleaning much earlier in the day, which means that I’ve been able to get more done each day.

Although I’m getting a lot done, I’m struggling to actually finish my projects.  I decluttered, cleaned, and organized all of my kitchen cabinets except for one.  One day I scrubbed half of my kitchen sink.  The upstairs hallway is completely spring cleaned except I need to dust the top of the door frames.  I decluttered half of Grace’s room and half of Noah’s room.  Yesterday I scrubbed the railing along the deck, but I left one small section unfinished because my arms were getting tired.

I’m not finishing anything!!!!!!

I don’t need to have every inch of my house cleaned by the end of this month, but I want to finish spring cleaning at least a few of these rooms.  These half finished projects are pathetic!

How have you been doing this month?  If you haven’t started the challenge it isn’t too late.  Start today!  Jump up right now and clean your bathroom mirror.  It is that easy.  Just clean something!

The best way to get connected, stay motivated, and find accountability is to like my page on Facebook.  Each evening I post a “Roll Call!” on my Facebook page for you to share your accomplishments.  You are also welcome to post before & after photos on my timeline or use the hashtag #JustCleanSomething on Instagram.  It has been fun hearing from so many of you each night.  Keep it up!

Reminder: Easter falls on April 20th this year.  I will be taking a break from the challenge on April 18th, 19th, and 20th.  Three less days to force myself to clean!  Yippee!

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far this month?  What has been your biggest struggle?


  1. I know what you mean about not finishing things. Everytime I start something it seems my kids or hubby needs me immediately. I think they have built in radars, lol. I emptied out my panty, everythings on the table now, but haven’t been able to finish yet. So we will be eating at the counter until I can get some time to finish it. This is a great challenge you are doing.

  2. Well, to be honest I find all the places on your list difficult to clean. But by far the most difficult to me (and unpleasant) is behind the toilet. I always ask my BF to do it instead of me.

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