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The Missing Pacifier

10 Month Old Grace & Her Much Loved Pacifier

This post was originally published on November 6, 2010.  It is one of my favorite stories from the archives.  Enjoy.

Little Grace loves her pacifier.  I love that she loves her pacifier!  It sure has come in very handy, but now Grace is old enough that we can start to limit how often she has her pacifier.    My goal is for her to have it just in her crib, but…

Grace doesn’t really like being left in the nursery at church.  For the sake of Grace and the helpers in the nursery I always have her pacifier readily available in the diaper bag.

Wednesday morning I was rushing to get ready for a moms’ group at church.  I was almost ready to walk out the door when I remembered the pacifier.

Where is it??  Where IS it??

I looked upstairs in Grace’s room.  I looked all over the living room.  I pulled up couch cushions.

Where IS it???

“Grace, where is your pacifier??”

Oh this is just ridiculous!  Where is it???

What’s that you’re thinking?  Use an extra?  Well, this WAS the extra.  We had just lost a different pacifier only days earlier.  This was our only pacifier and I needed to find it.

*sigh*  Grace has been a mess in the nursery during moms’ group.  I have got to find this pacifier for her sake, for the helpers, and for all the other kids!  Ok…ok…  It is time to ask for some heavenly help.

Dear God, Please— Wait.  What was that?  Did I just feel something?

I looked down.  Reached into my shirt and pulled the pacifier out of my bra!!!

It had been there for probably 20 minutes.

Please tell me I’m not the only mom this has happened to?  At least it shows that God answers prayers!


  1. Well I have never found anything in my bra…but I have MANY times prayed that God would help me find numerous ‘lost’ items. And you know…He always does! Maybe not in MY time, but in His time. And I have learned through the years…sometimes that lost pacifier (or whatever it may be) is what is keeping me from a huge accident down the road. There have been a few times I have actually SEEN what God kept me from, but more times than not I will never know.

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