Wanna Know How Much Money I Make on YouTube? {sorta awesome 21}

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Have you heard the fabulous news yet? I am a regular co-host on Megan Tietz’s new podcast Sorta Awesome. This week Megan and I uncovered the awesome of YouTube. I am personally addicted to YouTube. Although I love watching several YouTubers, but biggest fascination is with YouTube culture and we explore all of that in this episode.

Plus we dig into YouTube as a career, and how much money I earned from my own viral video. Whether you are a newbie to YouTube or you watch it daily, this podcast episode has something for you.

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Here’s what we talked about and when:

03:20 – My awesome of the SUMMER!
06:33 – My challenge to all listeners
11:30 – Megan’s awesome of the week
20:00 – My first memories of YouTube
24:20 – Chocolate Rain!
32:30 – YouTube celebrities
37:40 – My theory on why some YouTubers are soaring in popularity
39:28 – YouTube 101
48:57 – How exactly are YouTubers making money? (Including me!)
55:16 – How new media is changing our culture
57:38 – Megan’s family is sponsored by Dove
59:12 – My hatred for unboxing toy videos
1:02:43 – Child safety on YouTube

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What is your “Awesome of the Week?”

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