10 Ways to Wrap Gift Cards with Stuff You Already Have

10 Ways to Wrap Gift Cards with Stuff You Already Have

Gift cards are fun to receive, easy to give, and annoying to wrap.  A simple Internet search will bring up tons of creative ways to wrap gift cards according to the theme of the gift, but…

What if you just want to throw it in a box, slap some wrapping paper on it, and call it done?

10 Ways to Wrap Gift Cards with Stuff You Already Have

1. Food Boxes – If you are a sample loving junkie like me, then save some of the boxes your samples get mailed in or look in your pantry for any food box that could be emptied.

2. Greeting Card Boxes – I like to buy boxed gift cards because they are cheaper.  The boxes work great for small gifts like gift cards.

3. Medication/Band Aid Box – Look through your medicine cabinet and you’re sure to find the perfect size box for your gift card.

4. Chewing Gum Sleeve – Wrap the gift card in tissue paper and then slide it into an empty chewing gum sleeve.  This makes the gift card super easy to wrap.

5. Baby Food Jar – Large baby food jars are great for paper gift certificates.  Add some extra fabric or paper on top with ribbon to dress it up.  I’ve shared other baby food jar gift wrap ideas here.

6. Mason/Canning or Other Food Jar – In reality almost any jar would do.  Make sure the food jars have been fully cleaned out.  Since jars can be hard to wrap, line the inside of the jars with tissue paper, and cover the lid with fabric or paper.


7. Toilet Paper Tube – This is my favorite idea!  Slip the gift card inside an empty toilet paper tube, wrap it up with tissue paper, and add ribbon on the ends.

8. CD Case – Remove all the labels and inserts from a CD case and slip your gift card inside.  You can get really creative and make your own cover for the CD.

9. Coffee Mix Tin – These coffee mix tins are great for storing and organizing all kinds of things.  Even a gift card fits inside for easy wrapping.

10. The Biggest Box You Can Find to Throw Off the Recipient – It is fun to leave people guessing.  Throw some rocks in the box for extra weight and really throw them off.

Do you wrap gift cards?  I would love to hear your ideas!

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19 Responses to 10 Ways to Wrap Gift Cards with Stuff You Already Have

  1. oh amanda says:

    Fun! I love the baby food jar!


  2. Awesome! This was a dilemma of mine this year, and I love the toilet paper rolls best because I have a few I saved (who knows why?). Sooo gonna do this–thanks!
    Amy@MakeMeAMary recently posted..Top 10 reasons to opt for last-minute shopping

  3. Great ideas! I would have never thought it would fit in a tp tube.
    Jamie @ Six Bricks High recently posted..Notes From My Dad

  4. You are so creative, whereas I am so lazy. I always just have them shipped directly from the source to the person via internet. What they come in is how they get them.
    Dorothy Butler-Landes recently posted..In My Ear – Justin Trawick

  5. Malinda says:

    LOVE this post. Love love love. So much so that I logged onto your actual site after reading it in my email JUST to leave this comment. Additionally, it is saved in my email for reference throughout the year. You, my green frugal friend, are genius.
    Malinda recently posted..i am AWAKE

  6. What a great way to reuse containers!
    JDaniel4’s Mom recently posted..Pausing Life for a Moment- Things to Do With Kids That Are Now Home!

  7. OK, see? I TOTALLY need these ideas! Yesterday I was agonizing about how to wrap two gift cards!!! Now I know! Thank you!!!!

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  9. What great ideas for repurposing our everyday things! We would love to welcome you over at Seasonal Celebration Sunday linky each week at http://www.naturalmothersnetwork.com Rebecca x
    Rebecca @ Natural Mothers Network recently posted..Devon Apple Cake Recipe

  10. Amy says:

    Great ideas! I love reusing toilet paper rolls. There are some many ways to use them. I’m going to use mine to make a nativity scene for my girls to play with. Also I’m totally stealing the idea of putting fabric over your jar. I plan to use it for the homemade scrubs I’m making from Simple Scrubs to Make and Give. Isn’t that books awesome.
    Amy recently posted..Ten Ways to be Greener Today

    • Rebekah says:

      Baby food jars would be perfect for body scrub gifts! Stacy’s book is awesome AND she is super sweet.

      How are you making a nativity out of toilet paper rolls??? This I have got to see!

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  13. I prefer the old fashioned, original green gift card. Good at any store for anything. I will often pick up a small item in a thrift shop type of store to pack with the money. The latest was for my son’s birtday. A tie with some computer mouses heading for a wedge of Swiss cheese. It was in a small box but a zip lock baggie lined with a fabric or paper is also good and can have the “to / from card between the bag and the liner.

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