Feelin’ Frugal: Free Plastic Bag Snow Boots

I need to buy a pair of snow boots.  I know this.  I just don’t remember this until the white stuff has already landed.

I’ve perfected a very easy (and free) way to keep your feet warm and dry as you shovel yourself out of the snow.

Step 1: Put on your socks like normal.

Step 2: Put each foot in a plastic grocery bag.

Step 3: Tie the handles of the bag around your ankles or stuff them into the top of your socks.

Step 4: Put on any pair of tennis shoes you are ok with wearing in the snow.

Step 5: Pull your pant legs down so they cover all the plastic.  That way no one needs to see how cheap crazy creative you are.

Step 6: Go play in the snow and enjoy your brand new pair of free plastic bag snow boots!

Optional Step 7: Dig out your car, drive to the mall, and buy yourself a real pair of snow boots.

I took my “A Day In The Life Of…” photos last week.  Don’t forget to pick a day to take 1 photo every hour of whatever you are doing for the 2nd annual link-up on Feb. 6th!


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    Ha! Very creative. :) We used to put plastic bags over our feet inside our boots when I was really little… I think for the extra water-proofing. The only thing that concerns me in this whole scenario… is that your BARE flesh hanging out in that one shot? Because, if so…. BRRRRRRRRRR….

    • says

      The ONLY reason I have my skin exposed is to show off my plastic bags for the picture. Trust me, I don’t want anyone seeing my “plastic bag boots” when I’m outside!!!

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    Yep I’ve done this! Hey it keeps your socks dry – but Rebekah I think it’s time for some boots! I need a pair too – maybe we can find a good deal near the end of winter?

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      You’ll really have to hound me about this. I do need boots, but it is going to be hard for me to buy something that I won’t be USING for months. I’ll put it off. Like every other year. So harass me, ok? :)

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    Haha! That’s a great tip! I just broke down and got my first pair of new snow boots since 1997. Now, I have had snow boots all along, just OLD ones! Amazon had a great sale!


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