Christmas Wreath Making Party!

I didn’t even know you could make your own Christmas wreath out of real tree clippings!  So when my friend Emily invited me to a wreath making party I was thrilled to try it out!

It was so easy!  Of course it was extra easy since Emily had all the supplies gathered for us.  Not only did she provide supplies, but there was food too.  It was a good day.  A great day even!  I was beyond excited to be getting out of the house.  Who wouldn’t be excited about hot drinks, a yummy brunch and time with friends?

Emily made these awesome little egg “muffins.”  She simply baked eggs in muffin tins.  Aren’t they cute?  I think this recipe needs to be one of my Faking It Well posts!

My wreaths turned out great and my front door has never looked better!  Thank you so much, Emily!!


  1. Mom says

    I was waiting for the directions………..not that I would run outside and gather the evergreen right now in my PJ’s, just wanted to read how to do it! So since I don’t have the directions, you can make one for my door when you come for Christmas. That would work. Let’s make a deal……you make the wreath, and I’ll make you a cute little egg muffin.

    • says

      Sorry I didn’t include instructions! I needed take the kind of pictures needed to properly explain how to do it. Maybe Emily could arrange that for us!! :)

      Here is how I would very briefly describe the process:
      1. Go to a craft store & buy a wire wreath frame.
      2. Clip your greens off your own trees or go to a Christmas tree farm and buy some.
      3. Trim your clippings into smaller pieces.
      4. Gather trimmed clippings and lay the on your wire wreath frame.
      5. Pinch the “holding wires” down around the clippings to hold them into place.
      6. Continue that process until you have made your way around the entire wreath.
      7. Finish it off by adding a wire for easy hanging and perhaps a pretty bow!

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