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How to Make a T-Shirt Necklace {video}

DIY T-Shirt Necklace - Instead of throwing away your old t-shirt upcycle it into this cool and thrifty necklace.

Today I’m going to share with you my very first video!  Recently I read a few blog posts on how to make a necklace out of an old t-shirt.  Then I saw several t-shirt necklace images on Pinterest and videos on YouTube.  After trying it out myself, I knew I wanted to share it with you.

How to Make a T-shirt Necklace

For more great ideas on how to recycle a t-shirt, check out these posts by Life Your Way.  Normally I use old t-shirts for rags, but these ideas are so much cooler!

Have you ever made anything out of old t-shirts?


  1. I never saw this before, but I’m intrigued. I can think of some fun ideas for Tshirt necklaces. Plus there’s so many colors at thrift stores – you could have a multi-colored one!

    AND – you did an awesome job on your video! I would never have guessed that it’s your first one!

    1. Thank you so much, Jendi! That is an awesome compliment from a vlogging expert like yourself.

      I think the possibilities are endless with these necklaces! You can get really creative with colors. You’ll have to send me a photo if you end up making one.

  2. This is super cool and you could have tons of fun with it using different colors, adding a few braided strands, and random beads or charms here and there…or one big charm over all the strands in the center…I think I might need to make one now…and make one with the kids too! Thanks for such a fun idea!

  3. Great job on the video! Girl… you are so cute and funny!! Love the end too! Ha!
    I’ve been wanting to do a vlog for a while, but haven’t gotten up the nerve.
    And I love these t-shirt craft ideas! You have inspired me to try both of these – the vlog and the craft – myself!

    1. Emily, I would love to see you vlogging! I think the key is to SHOW people something rather than just talking into a camera. At least that is what I enjoy most about vlogs. 🙂

  4. Very nice job on the vlog! I have some recycled crafts that I’m going to be blogging about this month. I would love to try a vlog. Also, I had no idea what Pinterest was before this post. You are so informative.

    Also, we’ve been cutting off logos from sentimental shirts that we love when they get too gross/holey/etc and sewing them together. When we’re finished they’re going to make a wonderful T-shirt quilt.

  5. What a cool idea! Love the recycled factor too. I haven’t ever made anything out of old shirts, though I really want to cut some of my hubby’s up and make a quilt for the family room. Then maybe he won’t have more clothes than me. :/ Love the blog, I’d love to see you around confessionsofaslackermom.blogspot.com sometime!

    1. Sarah, I’ve heard of people making a t-shirt quilt, but I’ve never tried it myself. That may or may not have something to do with my complete lack of sowing skills. Did you notice that there were zero sowing skills needed for the necklace? 😉

  6. Super fun and easy gift idea! Thanks for sharing.
    ps- I found you through Money Saving Mom
    pps- LOVED the bloopers at the end of the video 🙂

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