My Goals for 2022: Year End Wrap Up

It might be considered late to be wrapping up my goals for 2022, but my progress and the things I learned about myself last year are still worth my time. Thank you for providing some accountability for my 2022 goals.

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My Goals for 2022: Year End Wrap Up

2022 Goal - Physical Therapy

Body & Mind

Gynecologist Check Up & Mammogram

Fix My ShoulderI have almost zero signs of frozen shoulder remaining.

Get New Glasses – I didn’t made any progress on this. My optometrist’s office closed, and I have to find a new one. Why are do “small” hangups like this feel so big sometimes?

Move My Body 150 Days – 122 total days before I stopped tracking

Listen to Worship Music 200 Days – 77 total days before I stopped tracking

Mattress Shopping with Kids


  • Fix Bedroom Door Knob – This was fixed in February 2023, but I’m still calling it a win.
  • Add Shelves to Kids’ Closet – The shelves were not added in 2022, but it is planned for later this spring.
  • Stain The Deck
  • Paint Front Door
  • Buy New Kids’ Mattresses
  • Replace Microwave
  • Replace Dishwasher
  • Declutter The PlayroomGrace and I spent a lot of time in there early on in 2022, but now that we are in 2023 it needs to be done all over again. Thus is life when it comes to decluttering with kids.

Make $400 on Facebook Marketplace: $419 total

  • January – $6
  • February – $83
  • March – $21
  • April – $1
  • May – $28
  • June – $10
  • July – $52
  • August – $27
  • September – $0
  • October – $70
  • November – $108
  • December – $13
Hoffer Family Photo

Family & Photos

Professional Family PhotoshootThe photos turned out beautifully. I’m very thankful to have this time in our lives properly documented.

Chatbooks from 2021 Books are edited and ordered.

Chatbooks from 2022 – I have one book for the end of the year to edit and order. Two other books for the year were fully completed.

Finish (?) my Pandemic Photo Book – I did not worked on this at all.

Use my “Line A Day” JournalI have shocked myself by writing in this journal consistently. I ended 2022 with ZERO MISSED DAYS!

Read to Isaac 200 Days – 87 total days until I stopped tracking

Use Gift Cards We used several gift cards for some family fun including gift cards for movie tickets, an amusement park, Turkey Hill Experience, and Sight & Sound Theatres.

This Is Not A Book About Benedict Cumberbatch

Media & Entertainment

My goals for this year included a little less reading so I had more time for some TV watching I want to catch up on.

  • Read 50 Books – I read a total of 69 books.
  • Listen to 1 Nonfiction AudiobookThis is the book I read.
  • YOU (season 3)
  • The Handmaid’s Tale (season 4)
  • Grey’s Anatomy (seasons 17 & 18) – I’m getting bored of this show.
  • The Resident (seasons 4 & 5)
  • Schitt’s Creek (seasons 3-6)
  • Emily In Paris (season 2)
  • FBoy Island (season 1)
  • And Just Like That (season 1)
  • Under The Influence podcast
  • Secret Tapes podcast – This podcast isn’t available anymore.
  • Rise & Fall of Mars Hill podcast
  • In addition, I’ve also watched Normal People, Cheer (season 2), Love is Blind (season 2), and listened to the podcast Normal Gossip.
Viral Reel with 1 Million Views


Hit 6,000 Followers on Instagram I started the year with 5,274 followers on Instagram. I ended 2022 with 5,422. While I technically did not meet my goal in 2022, I am still counting this as a finished goal because… I WENT VIRAL in February 2023. After my reel hit 1 million views, I gained over 1,000 followers.

Publish 12 Brand New Blog Posts – I wrote 6 new blog posts last year. This doesn’t feel like much of a win, but I only wrote 2 in 2021. I missed the goal, but still made progress.

Increase My Income I did it! After years of my income slowly slipping down, in 2022 I had an 18% increase over the previous year. I am so incredibly happy with this.

Daily Goal Tracker

2022 Goal Breakdown

  • Completely Finished Goals: 23
  • Goals with Notable Progress: 6
  • Goals with Zero Progress: 8

My Thoughts

I am really pleased with the progress I made on my goals in 2022. Even some of the things that didn’t happen in 2022, quickly were taken care of in the early weeks of this year – which I still consider a win.

Speaking of wins, here are my biggest wins from 2022:

Fixing my frozen shoulder took so much time and dedication. At times, it was incredibly painful to endure the stretching that my shoulder needed for my recovery. I would hold it together during my appointment, but then completely breakdown crying in the parking lot. I am so proud of myself for pushing through and improving my quality of life.

Seeing an 18% increase in my income is a moral boost that I truly needed. I have been creating content in this online space for 13 years, which has come with many ups and downs. It feels good to have this validation.

I am documenting our lives well. I’ve managed to keep up with our family photo books and I’m still shocked I wrote every day in my line a day journal. Plus, we are doing a good job of making more memories that are worth documenting. Life is good!

My Disappointments:

My biggest frustration throughout the entire year was trying to track my daily goals of reading to Isaac, moving my body, and listening to worship music. Not only did I fall short on each one of those goals, but simply tracking them was something I struggled with.

I printed a daily goal tracker, but never got into a good rhythm for marking off my accomplishments each day. I was often playing catch up, trying to remember which days I did each activity. Eventually, I got so far behind that I gave up tracking each of these goals entirely.

This type of goal setting (a certain number of days per year) does not work for me. I don’t enjoy it, and it isn’t motivating.

Want More Goal Setting Inspiration?

How are you feeling about your current goals?

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