Once A Month Cooking: The Calm Before The Storm

On Wednesday, I will be doing something crazy that I’ve only read about!  My friend Donna and I will be doing a “Once A Month Cooking” Day!  This is something that is pretty popular among “mommy bloggers.”  Basically, the goal is to make a lot of freezer friendly meals that you can enjoy over the course of the next month.  It will be a lot of work tomorrow, but should save us a ton of meal prep time in the next couple of months.  It is perfect timing for me since I’ll be busy packing and moving into my new house!

Thankfully, Donna has done this before.  She has been great at getting us organized and ready for tomorrow.  Tonight she is cooking chicken, shredding cheese and chopping veggies.  My mom and I cut up the raw chicken and onions.  We got all the information we need for tomorrow from Once A Month Mom.  She provides all the recipes, shopping list, instructions, and even labels!

Tomorrow we will be making:

Fruit & Grain Bars

Fruit N’ Juice Breakfast Shake

Pizza Rolls

Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Pot Pie

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Mini Meatloaves

Buffalo Shrimp


Ravioli Lasagna

Wow.  Reading all that really makes me think Donna & I are crazy!  I’ll be sure to post on just how crazy we get tomorrow!  🙂


  1. Good luck and can you ship me your leftovers? I look forward to hearing if you had enough time to make everything!

  2. Wow, you guys will be busy, but sounds like fun!!
    Sounds like a good idea for me to do with chad, we are always asking eachother what we can make for dinner, this menu would take care of my family for awhile.
    I am going to check out the website for once a month mom.
    can’t wait to here how it goes for you!!
    If you need help eating the stuff let me know.

  3. I am impressed – the items sound yummy – you can send any extra’s home with your mom – I will take them off your hands.

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