The Perfect Gift for Anyone: Consumable Christmas Gifts

The perfect gift for anyone on your list is a consumable gift.  Consumable gifts can be experiences, services, food, or anything that you use up and then are done with (like art supplies, beauty products, etc.).  These types of gifts are great for the person receiving them because it can cut down on clutter in their home.  They are great for the person giving them because consumable gifts may be less expensive or can be redeemed throughout the year, which spreads out your spending.  Plus it is green!

My in-laws gave out some awesome consumable gifts last year.  Here are some of the highlights from my own Christmas experience:

1. Meals – My mother-in-law gave me one prepared meal each month this past year.  It was amazing!  The meals were either fully ready to eat, ready to put in the oven, or even ready for the freezer if we didn’t need it right away.

2. Zoo Tickets – The whole family went on a day trip to a fun safari zoo.  The kids loved it and I did too!

3. Car Wash – My father-in-law gave the gift of service last year.  He washed and detailed our van for us.  This is a job that always gets put on the back burner for us.  It was a real treat to sit in a spotless car.

4. Amusement Park Tickets – Even my brother-in-law got in on the consumable gift fun!  He gave the whole family tickets to a children’s amusement park.  We took one day to go together as family.

5. Weekend Vacation – Yes, my in-laws are amazing.  They surprised the whole family with a weekend mountain vacation.  It was the most relaxing vacation.  You need to check out some of the highlights I shared in my post Our Cabin Weekend.

6. Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Making Kit – Not every gift needs to be as elaborate as a weekend vacation or amusement park tickets.  We thoroughly enjoyed making soft pretzels at home with this inexpensive pretzel making kit.

Think outside of the box this year and see what consumable gifts you can give!  Later this week I’ll be sharing my favorite cheap and clever neighbor gift ideas, which all happen to be consumable.

For more thoughts and ideas on consumable gifts, check out JessieLeigh’s guest post series on Money Saving Mom:

Have you ever given or received a consumable gift?  I would love to hear your ideas!


  1. says

    These are great gift ideas! Our zoo membership (gift from my amazing MIL) remains one of my fave all-time “gifts that keeps on giving” (and doesn’t add to the clutter!) A pretzel-making kit sounds like a blast! :)

    • says

      A zoo member ship would be a lot of fun. This year I’m hoping to get tickets (or passes) to a children’s play center. It would be perfect for getting through the winter months and for being able to do something fun with Grace when this little one is born.

      Thank you for sharing your links for this post!

  2. Kathleen says

    I always make my Grandma Liechty buns and give them to the mailman, paper carrier, hairdresser, to my two bosses (where I volunteer)

  3. says

    I saw this when you posted it, and last week, while visiting my in-laws, they gave us their Christmas gift: a day at the Georgia Aquarium. It was such a blast! Love this!

  4. Colette says

    My mom is great at knitting and knits lots of baby clothes for friends and family so I ordered her woven care labels with her name on them so she can personlise all her knitted items. consumable is the way to go as its crazy how cluttered their house has become after 36 years.

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