Noah’s Newborn Photos & Life Update

The same wonderful photographer who took our pregnancy photos also took some newborn pictures of Noah.  These pictures were taken at our house when Noah was exactly 2 weeks old.

Noah Sleeping

Noah in the Family Cradle

Life with Noah has been going very well.  He is a calm and quiet baby.  Nate and I are often amazed at how tolerant he is.  He doesn’t fuss for diaper changes or baths.  He puts up with a lot of attention from Grace.  Noah isn’t sleeping through the night, but he always goes right back to sleep after he eats.  Nate and I feel very lucky.

Daddy, Mommy, & Noah

Our Family of Four

Mommy & Daddy Looking at Noah

Grace has been doing great with Noah.  At first she was extremely jealous when I nursed Noah.  I’m not sure if she remembers nursing or if she was just upset that Noah was doing something with mommy that she wasn’t allowed to do.  Either way, she was pretty emotional for the first few days.  Quickly Grace adjusted and she is no longer fazed by me nursing.

Noah Looking Up at Daddy

Noah Getting Kissed by Mommy

Noah in a Basket

Now Noah is 10 weeks old.  It is amazing how much bigger he is since these pictures were taken.  He is gaining better head control, watches people as they walk through a room, and gives everyone huge smiles.  I feel like we are getting into a routine.  Slowly I am adding “normal” things back into my day like trips the library, running errands, small cleaning projects, and light cooking.

Noah with Blocks

These beautiful photographs were taken by Cicely Berkey.  Local folks can contact me to find out how to get in touch with this talented photographer.


  1. I love these pictures! the ones with the blocks spelling his name is my favorite I think. I am sad I have to wait to see this little guy!! He will be so different by then 🙁 But I am sure he will still be adorable!!!!

    1. Dominique, I’ve put in Insane Goals Link-Up on hold since Noah’s birth. 🙁 I loved doing it, but this just isn’t a good season of life for me right now. Thank you so much for all the times you joined in! I might start it up again in a few months.

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