Recycling Bin in the Bathroom???

This post just convinced me to put a recycling bin in my bathroom. The two benefits she listed make so much sense!

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A year ago I read the book Green Your Life by Emily McClements. In the book she suggested keeping a small recycling bin in the bathroom to make it easier to recycle empty bottles, toilet paper rolls, etc. I tried it and now I’m ready to report back on how it has been to keep a recycling bin in my bathroom.

One Year of Bathroom Recyclables?!

Instead of a bin, I’ve been using a large bag to collect the recyclables in our upstairs bathroom. I haven’t emptied it since I put it under the sink a year ago.

one year of bathroom recycling

Is this what one year of bathroom recyclables really looks like? Honestly, I highly doubt that every recyclable made its way into this bag. There were plenty of empty toilet paper rolls that went into the trash, and I’m sure some of our shampoo bottles were walked downstairs to our main recycling bin. Still, this is a lot of stuff!

2 Benefits of Having a Recycling Bin in the Bathroom:

1. My shower has been less cluttered this past year because I remove the empty shampoo bottles faster since I don’t have to take them downstairs. It makes me sound lazy that I can’t be bothered with carrying an empty bottle downstairs, but my two children easily distract me from all kinds of things I should be doing. Carrying empty bottles downstairs just isn’t making it to the top of my priority list.

2. I have been recycling more items since I have the bag in my bathroom. Although it may have taken me a long time to gather all the empty shampoo bottles from my shower, I always made a point to do it. I hate throwing plastic bottles into the trash. However, cardboard in the trash seems less offensive and my lazy side usually wins out. This past year I have been much better about gathering cardboard to be recycled since the bag is so convenient.

Green Your LIfe: Get Started Today!

This is just one of the green babysteps that Emily McClements mentions in her book. I highly recommend checking out Green Your Life for more fantastic “green” advice. Simply Rebekah readers can receive 30% off through January 18, 2015 when you use the code simply30.

If you enjoyed this post, you’ll want to read 5 Ways to Go Green While “Going” {including homemade toilet bowl cleaner}.

I love having a recycling bin in the bathroom. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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    1. I bet about half of the empty rolls still end up in the trash, but this has helped a ton. Give it a try! (But maybe empty it more than once a year.)

  1. I toss my recyclables into my hamper then sort them when I sort the laundry. I have a recycling bag in the laundry room (which is near my lower bath and the garage. Great idea! I hate waste.

  2. Your “two” children, huh?

    Our bathroom being right off the kitchen (where the recycle bins are) is handy. I just throw empty shampoo bottles on the floor until after my shower then kick them into the kitchen

    1. The post was written in 2015. 😉

      Your set up is really nice. I would probably have the same throw/kick system.

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