I’m Scared to Have 2 Kids: an update 2 years later

Two years ago I confessed my fears of having a second child. Now I'm sharing my 3 struggles with the transition, how having 2 kids is actually easier, and the 6 questions I ask myself when I think of having a third.

On April 23, 2012 I took a deep breath and published a blog post that I was nervous to share. I confessed that my swollen belly made me anxious. I wasn't ready to have two kids. In fact, I was flat out scared that I wasn't going to be able to step up to the challenge. Ironically, the same day that I published that post ended up being was the same day my second child was born. Today my little Noah is over two years old and I think it is finally time for an update. So is it scary to having … [Read more...]

14 Things You Need for Your Postpartum Body: A Pre-Baby Shopping List for Mommy!

14 Things You Need for Your Postpartum Body: a pre-baby shopping list for mommy!

This post contains affiliate links. Diapers?  Check.  Onesies?  Check.  Car seat?  Check.  Things to help you take care of your postpartum body?  Umm... When I was pregnant with Grace, I came up with a list of questions for all of my mom friends.  I asked for advice about different registry items, handling guests at the hospital, favorite pregnancy books, and more.  The very last question was, "What else do I need to know?  What did I forget?"  Again and again my friends pointed out that I … [Read more...]

Swagbucks Paid for My Maternity Clothes {plus a sign up bonus code}

Swagbucks Paid for my Maternity Clothes

The first time I heard about Swagbucks in 2008, I was pretty skeptical.  Does this really work?  It is going to take forever to earn any prizes, right?  I had my doubts about the whole thing, but I used it for a month and earned enough points for a $5 Starbucks gift card.  From that moment on, I was was hooked. My husband and I had plans to start a family soon, so I decided to save up my Swagbucks points for Target gift cards that I could use on maternity clothes.  After a year of using … [Read more...]

Frugal Photo Friday: Buying Gender Neutral

Frugal Photo Friday

Welcome to Frugal Photo Friday! This month I am partnering with Crystal, from Money Saving Mom. Each Friday we are sharing pictures of simple ways that we save money. This week I'm sharing how buying gender neutral things for my kids saves money. I am a huge fan of buying gender neutral things for my kids. We have one girl and one boy, but we've been choosing gender neutral options before we knew would have one of each in our family. When Nate and I were expecting our first baby, we … [Read more...]

10 Practical Tips for a Fabulous & Affordable Nursery

10 Practical Tips for a Fabulous & Affordable Nursery

This post contains affiliate links. I am not very skilled at decorating, but there are several practical things that I've done with my children's nursery that I think make it fabulous.  Plus these things were affordable for our low budget. 10 Practical Tips for a Fabulous and Affordable Nursery 1) Gender Neutral Theme - Waiting to finding out gender of my first baby saved me so much money.  It is my number one money saving tip for new parents.  Plus, sometimes the ultra sound technicians … [Read more...]

Happy Family Baby Food {giveaway}

Happy Family

*** This giveaway is now closed. *** I am picky when it comes to what I feed my babies.  I love making my own baby food, but I also appreciate the convenience of store bought baby food.  When I do make that special exception to use store bought food, I want to make sure that it is the best stuff I can buy.  I always buy organic. Noah is going to turn one this month.  (Yikes!)  I made 99% of his baby food.  We also leaned more towards baby led weaning this time around.  A simple definition of … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert

Confession:  I don't use cloth diapers.  I suppose this really isn't a big secret since I wrote a whole post titled Why I Don't Use Cloth Diapers. I guess you could say that the real confession is that I think I should be using cloth diapers. I firmly believe that cloth is better for the environment, the baby, and the wallet (in the long run).  Yet I still don't do it.  Eh.  I'm not perfect. When I heard that my blogging friend Erin, from The Humbled Homemaker, was writing the ultimate … [Read more...]

The Do’s & Don’ts of Helping a Friend After a Stillbirth
{plus a giveaway}

The Do's & Don'ts of Helping a Friend After a Stillbirth

Kristen's beautiful son Cohen would have been 9 months old today.  Instead he was born straight into the arms of Jesus when Kristen had a stillbirth at 38.5 weeks. I first told you about Cohen in my letter To Mothers with Empty Arms.  Then Kristen shared with us what life was like 3 months later.  Now Kristen wants to say "thank you" for all of your support.  First, she would like to offer you some practical advise if you ever find yourself trying to help a friend after a stillbirth.  Then … [Read more...]

The Secret to Saving Money on a New Baby

The Secret to Saving Money on a New Baby

This post contains affiliate links. There are common ways to save money when you are expecting a new baby (only buy the essentials and buy used or borrow from friends), but my number one money saving tip is a lot less popular. The secret to saving money on a new baby is... Don't find out the gender ahead of time! Waiting to find out the sex of our babies saved us a lot of money for 3 different reasons. 1. We were forced to buy gender neutral baby equipment.  Every time Nate and I … [Read more...]

Personalized Pacifiers from MAM

I Love to Nap

Little Noah is a thumb baby, but Grace?  Grace loved her pacifiers.  LOVED THEM! For Grace's first Christmas, we put some new pacifiers in her stocking.  If you have a little one to shop for this Christmas, you should check out this gift idea from MAM. You can order personalized pacifiers from MAM with your baby's name, nickname, or any unique saying.  If you have a child in daycare, a pacifier with their name on it would be great for helping the right pacifier with the right … [Read more...]